Vinyl pack #3 – TINK! Records



Vinyl pack + Shipping

Vinyl pack #3
Various Artists
Label: TINK! Records

Very rare 20+ year old records.
Note: records sleeves are not ‘as new’.

What you get:
EDC (Eddy de Clercq) – Eyes & Vibracion
Eyes ft. Twana, Eyes (the Conga mix), Vibracion ft. Twana, Vibracion (the funky mix)

Formosa – Kissy Lips
Kissy Lips (vocal extended high mix), Kissy Lips (instrumental rave mad mix)

Black Tulip ft. Wendell Morisson – A Song of Love
Extended club vocal, Organic dub, Dance vocal, Diff’rent Sound for Diff’rent Ground, Organ goes Techno

Thyone Girls – Keep on Pumpin’
Keep on Pumpin’ (Rhythm in action mix & Ode to joy mix), Don’t leave me now (In the gentle arms of thyone mix & Love walk with me mix)

‘we are ravin’ mad, pal!’