Vinyl pack #4 – TINK! Records



Vinyl pack + Shipping

Vinyl pack #4
Various Artists
Label: TINK! Records

Very rare 20+ year old records.
Note: records sleeves are not ‘as new’.

What you get:
EDC (Eddy de Clercq) – No Pills
No Pills (RoXY mix, Heavy Metal, Cosmic Dust), Out in Africa, Guarana

Thyone Girls – Take My Energy
Take My Energy (Ode to Joy, Joy Forever, Love & Joy, Dance & Joy Club Dub)

Thyone Girls – Keep on Pumpin’
Keep on Pumpin’ (Rhythm in action mix & Ode to joy mix), Don’t leave me now (In the gentle arms of thyone mix & Love walk with me mix)

MDA & Lilian Vieira – Batucada Tropical
Tête a Tête Tropical, Tropical Karaoke, Batucada Tropical (Graham B’s Jazzy dancefloor mix & Johnson’s Percahouse mix)