Listen up kid…

It’s storytelling time.

It all started with a purpose: to promote upcoming artists, songwriters and producers who can add a new dimension to house music. In 1990, Joseph Salvador created TINK! Records (Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!), one of the first Dutch record labels to record and release house and “U.S. garage” music in the Netherlands.

With popular songs ‘Jam On It’ and ‘A Song of Love’ by Black Tulip ft. Wendell Morrison and label nights in RoXY, Waakzaamheid and Paradiso, TINK! Records made a name for itself.

Fast forward 20 years later and Joseph’s sons Alex and Joachim have joined the company. With many releases (digital and vinyl), label nights throughout Europe and expansion of the working area from Amsterdam to Lisbon, the reincarnation of the original label has been a great trip.

We’ve worked with a lot of great people: Jovonn, Boo Williams, DJ Steaw, Fabio Monesi, Jeremy Underground, SE62, Inner Sense, Anil Aras, Malin Genie, Daan Groeneveld and many more.

We’ve put our sound in peoples ears in many places: Studio 80, Paradiso, Melkweg (Amsterdam), Lisbon, Berlin, London, Manchester, Paris, to name a few.


At the moment, Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! focusses on releasing music by talented artists from all different walks of life. The combining factor is House, no matter what sub-genre or popularity. Audio-heads can also pick up some great gear we find and refurbish.

Tomorrow is Now, Kid! is a family company with the skills and talents of two generations. We are dedicated to crafting seriously good music that makes people remember the past, forget about any worries, smile, and feel good.

We believe that through our music, we develop genuine relationships and celebrate the evolution of music as one!  And we do believe that Tomorrow is Now, Kid!